Thursday, June 26, 2014

Benefits of Fennel Seeds

  • In Indian cuisine, there is a tradition of taking a few fennel seeds after a meal and chewing them (it's called mukhvas, meaning mouth freshener). 
  • This helps in the digestion of food by increasing digestive fluids. 
  • Fennel seeds are anti-flatulence so prevents gastric problems.
  • They also help in diarrhea and piles.
  • When experiencing diarrhea with bloating and cramps, chew 2-3 teaspoons until it is very finely ground. Then drink water.
  • For arthritis joint pain, boil one glass of water with 4 teaspoons of fennel seeds until there is 1/4 glass of water left. Then add 1 teaspoon of Castor oil and take this twice a day-morning and evening. Continue until you are fully recovered.
  • High level of potassium in fennel seeds help healthy brain functions and maintaining healthy blood pressure.
  • Fennel seeds are known as seeds of sight since it improves eyesight.
  • When dehydrated, fennel and coriander seeds concoction cures.
  • Iron and amino acid found in fennel seeds help against anemia.
  • Fennel is a Anti-oxidant so prevents from many degenerative decease .
  • Increases red blood cell production.
  • Increases urine frequency, so throws toxins out.
  • Helps in and prevents cardiovascular decease. 
  • Fennel  seeds help fight against scalp and hair infections.
  • fennel seeds help in reduction of PMS symptoms and related pain.
  • Vitamin c in fennel helps in boosting immunity.

*When experiencing constipation or mouth ulcers one should discontinue ingesting fennel seeds for the time being. (Some theory believes that roughage in fennel seeds helps with constipation)
* These are general guidelines, but everyone has different "TASIR" (nature of body), so follow that also.
*Best approach is to eat a variety of nutritionally dense food rather than concentrating on one.
*Good things are good until used in moderation, when overdone it is not good.

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