Saturday, May 17, 2014

Benefits of Coriander Seeds or cilantro

Keeping ourselves fit with food and exercise is the easiest and most sustainable way of living a healthy life. Staying healthy naturally makes life much more enjoyable. 

-Helpful for acidity.
- During summer - burning in urinary track or bleeding from nose can be cure by coriander. Soak 1 ts cumin powder and 1 ts coriander powder and drink in the morning.
- They help to reduce the swelling that is due to kidney malfunction or anemia.
- Ideal for clearing up  eczema, dryness and fungal infections.
- Coriander helps reducing the cholesterol levels in the blood and  to raise the levels of healthy cholesterol 
- Helpful in curing diarrhea caused by microbial and fungal action.
Prevents nausea, vomiting, and other stomach disorders.
- Reduces blood pressure
 excellent antiseptic
Coriander is high in iron content, which directly helps people who suffer from anemia.
Anti-allergic properties
natural way to protect against Salmonella.
As a rich source of calcium, coriander is of great value for protecting the integrity of their bones.
helpful in treating eating disorders like anorexia. 
- If you take coriander in  regular diet, you can reduce dyspepsia (indigestion).
- Prevents and cures smallpox
- Helps regulate proper menstrual cycles and reduces the associated pain during a woman’s period.
There is also beta-carotene in the leaves, which prevent a number of other diseases that affect the eye, and can even reverse the effects of vision degradation in aging patients.
Protect the eyes from contagious diseases like conjunctivitis
Helps in Blood sugar and diabetes.
- Coriander helps cure ulcers, inflammation, spasms, while acting as an expectorant and protecting the liver. It is anti carcinogenicanti convulsant, anti histamine and hypnotic.
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* These are general guidelines but everyone has different "TASIR" (nature of body), so follow that also.
*Best approach is to eat variety of nutritionally dense food rather than concentrating on one.
*Good things are good till used in moderation, overdo is not good.

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