Saturday, May 10, 2014

Benefits ofTamarind

-Helps in pregnancy related nausea ( probably that made it symbolic for pregnancy)
-boosts metabolism - promotes weight loss
-Reduces cholesterol                             
-Promotes healthy heart
-Remedy for bilious disorder- Jaundice,
-Rich in antioxidants- lower the risk of cancer
-Promotes blood circulation
-Boosts immunity
-Reduces eye irritation
-Helps manage diabetes
-Rich in vitamin B complex- healthy nerve functions
-cooling effect (helps against sun stroke)
-mild laxative 

*Tamarind is a  blood thinner, so if you are taking medication for blood thinning, use cautiously
*lowers blood pressure so don't overdose.

* These are general guidelines but everyone has different "TASIR" (nature of body), so follow that also.
*Best approach is to eat variety of nutritionally dense food rather than concentrating on one.
*Good things are good till used in moderation, overdo is not good.

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