Monday, May 12, 2014

Benefits of Kokum

-Kokum is a super fruit of mangosteen family.
-According to ayurveda kokum is pitt dosh shamak(eases pitt dosh and regarding problems)
- Kokum is super summer coolant
-Kokum is helpful in fatty lever problem and helps in fighting obeysity.
-kokum is a digestive aid and it improves appitite.
-Reach source of vitamin c and antioxident
-Anti-carciogenic properties help for treating certain types of cancer.
-Kokum is exelent for skin problems like rashes. (you can take in food or rub the fruit.)

* These are general guidelines but everyone has different "TASIR" (nature of body), so follow that also.
*Best approach is to eat variety of nutritionally dense food rather than concentrating on one.
*Good things are good till used in moderation, overdo is not good.

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